Could you really bet on a foul in American football?

It is not easy to predict such a probability: the result depends on the skills of the players, their behavior and the decisions of the referee. The choice of bids for such football game moments is quite large. The variants may differ.

Types of foul bets and their differences

A violation bet does not necessarily mean that they are total. You can try to predict the behavior of a particular player. Among the possible gambling options that can be played in any bookmaker, the following are distinguished:

  • the overall amount of tickets in the event;
  • which of the opponents will obtain more warnings;
  • the number of red card in the event (YES / NO);
  • the footballer will obtain a card (YES / NO);
  • the footballer will obtain a red ticket (YES / NO);
  • removal rate;
  • bid on no deletions;
  • first card period.

Sample of a bet on fouls

Before you start gambling on yellow and red tickets, check how the bookmaker calculates such bets. The rules are almost the same everywhere. However, some bookmakers have their own features and nuances. These differences need to be taken into account, for example by clarifying in support of bk. The general rule for penalty points is that the number of warning tickets (red is the same as two yellow) is taken into account when calculating the winning amount. When a player commits a violation and receives two warnings in a row, the following counting options are possible: 3 tickets: 1 for the first yellow card and 2 for the red card (the second yellow card is omitted). 2 tickets: 1 for the first yellow and 1 for the second yellow (red card is omitted).

Features of removal bets and fouls

To effectively bid on violations you must “feel” football. They also pay attention to secondary preconditions. Yellow and red warnings in a football event are a personal element, but also a team penalty. The type of punishment is determined by the type of violation and its severity. Almost everything in such moments depends on the interpretation of the game period by the judge of the event. A yellow ticket is a warning for aggressive play, bad behaviour, tactical violation or provocation. It is very realistic to predict such a probability. This takes into account the personal review of single footballers, the nature of the team’s game and the statistics of previous matches. A red card, in turn, entails the removal of a player from the match. The penalty may be direct for a very serious violation or result from the issuance of two yellow tickets per match.

Rules for counting the amount of warnings in the event

To correctly count the number of violations, violations and cards in a football match, factors such as who is the referee, which league, the rank of the match, the tactics of both teams and special episodes that have already occurred on the field must be taken into account. All this will affect the number of fouls.

How to bet on violations and fouls?

Modern football is very dynamic and even one violation can decide the result of the game. To determine which wage to bet on fouls, you should first analyze the game and determine the frequency of violations that will occur during the match. Remember, not all matches are the same. For each team, the probability of the game moments is extremely varied. Football betting strategy Building a competent strategy for novice players will be to properly assess all the factors that affect early and late violations. This is the only way to expect to be able to get the desired win. This is especially true of situations with penalties, which offer to gamble on almost all bookmakers.