Live football match betting – easy?

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The rapid development of the Internet allows bookmakers to conduct live broadcasts of matches directly on their website, namely in real time. This allowed the introduction of live bets, namely bets in the course of the match. Bookmakers can also afford observers who are at key events and are able to transmit all the information from the football game almost instantly. This allows players to receive a line of bids in real time, and accordingly play and gamble directly while watching the football event, sitting near the monitor. Statistics show that most of the big wins in football are due to betting during the match.

Popularity of betting during the football match

Today, live betting is popular not only because of the great variety of choices. Regardless of the staff, there is a human factor everywhere, so mistakes in the lines are not excluded. But if in central matches, such as the Champions League final, the probability of error is not high, then in a football event of the distant championship of Venezuela, anything can happen. Many bookmakers do not always closely monitor such championships, but simply statically use their formulas and play odds per game, based on them. Experienced bettors are able to find such mistakes and use them to increase their own profits. This is evidenced by statistics, which show that most major wins in football are obtained due to betting during the match.

Calculation of odds in live mode

The odds in bookmakers are influenced by the following factors:

  • The amount of time played;
  • The amount of time left in the game;
  • Presence of heads and removal;
  • Pre-match layouts.

For example, in the event between Barcelona and Real Madrid, after Lionel Messi’s goal, the odds for the cream to win fell sharply. The same thing happened after Benzema’s goal against Barcelona, only in favor of Real Madrid. Most often, the odds of the odds can not always really show the situation in the football event. Very often bookmakers on the machine change the odds based on the usual vision for thinking. For example, even after 2-0 in the first half of the game between Fulham and Liverpool, many bookmakers gave good odds for the final victory of Liverpool. The reason is the over-motivated Liverpool, who are fighting for the Premier League championship and a good class of attacking players.

Tips for live betting in American football

It is worth highlighting a number of important points when gambling during the football match, so that in the future you can better navigate and make less misorders.

Always keep track of time

Keeping track of time in tandem with your understanding of football will assist you in
making a lot of profit. Follow the key moments of the football event: the first segments of both halves, when there is an understanding and vision of the nature of the game, and of course, the end of the match.

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Many tasty bids fall just at the end of the fight, when it would seem that everything is decided. And bookmakers often make mistakes, traditionally underestimating the odds on the favorite of the game, who could easily win back and snatch victory at the end of the game. For example, in the Italian championship a lot of goals happen already in the time compensated by the referee. The same Milan’s Inter won more than one victory in the last minutes of the match.

Learn to predict events

Important – in order to place bids during a game and win, you need to understand football. If, for example, you started watching the match and saw that in the first 15 minutes, the teams confidently go on the attack and play open football, it is worth gambling on the total number of goals scored. The peculiarity of live betting is that you have to be one step ahead of bookmakers if you want to take the winnings. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. An example is the match between Manchester City and Leicester. After the first half 3:0 in favor of Manchester City and an infinite number of attacks, bookmakers gave coefficient 1.6 on the fact that in the second half there will be more goals from Manchester City. But Lester’s reshuffle during the break and the leaders of the Manchester City attack, who had already been replaced during the break, could not score at least one more goal.

Check bookmakers for attention

Do not forget, bookmakers are also people, and also make mistakes. As we wrote above, that many odds jumps are not always a clear understanding of the football game by the bookmaker, it is most often following certain sports patterns.

Do not blindly believe in removals

Another important but simple truth – removal in football does not always affect the course of the match. For example, even remaining in the top ten in the match with Minsk Dynamo, Zenit players managed not only to win back, but also to take the lead. Therefore, do not bet during the match until you assess the nature of the football game, perhaps it is the team that remains in the minority, looks better and will come to victory.

What to bring into mind before betting

By following these useful tips, you can already partially eliminate the banal mistakes of beginners in live betting. But you still should not forget that American football is often unpredictable and it is difficult to explain the situation on the field and find logic. But no one says that the complexity of prediction deprives you of excitement. On the contrary, without having a clear idea of how events could turn, you will have a passionate desire to succeed in your prediction.