Betting on favorite or outsider: features

Bets on the outcomes and totals (in the match, halftime and at certain time intervals), individual totals of players and teams, match statistics, time of the first goal and much more. Consider the most basic type of gambling – predicting the outcome of the event or, more simply, which team will win. There are two main approaches to this type of betting. In every game there is, at least a minimum, but a favorite. It is possible to put it on, and it gambling is possible against it. Of course, this is not a unique specificity of football as a sport, the same bids can be made on basketball, tennis or hockey. So which strategy is more profitable, to bet on a favorite or an outsider (underdog)?

Betting on the favorite in american football

The most popular way among players is to gamble on the favorite of the event. However, not everything is so simple here. The coefficient for the victory of such a team is not high, in most cases it is in the region of 1.3-1.6. To earn a decent amount, you have to bet a much larger number of ordinary, and the percentage of winning bids, due to low odds, must be at least 80%. It is very difficult and requires discipline. In order for the odds for one bid to be in the area of ​​three-four, you have to combine bets on the front-runners in the express form of several matches. The odds will be good, but almost always one of the teams does not live up to expectations and does not win from an underdog. As a result, the whole express loses.

Betting on an outsider in american football

Anyone who has long watched football knows that the favorite football match is an objective concept, but relative and the victory of such a team is not guaranteed. Weaker teams regularly gnaw points in such matches, often winning. Who dares to gamble on an underdog, can break a decent jackpot, because the coefficient for such an outcome can exceed 5 and reach 20 or more. The main thing is to choose the right game, where the outsider will shoot.

Particular match between a favorite and an outsider in football

Take a recent football game from Spain: Rayo Vallecano – Valencia. Initially, Valencia was considered a clear front-runner in this event, and Rayo was a clear underdog. This was evidenced by the last matches of the teams, and the tournament situation. The odds were as follows: victory of Rayo Vallecano with coefficient
4.2, for a draw 3.82, and for the victory of Valencia 1.53. Who would have thought that Rayo Vallecano would win a clear victory in this event.

Outsider gambling strategies

Types of strategies for choosing a match in which to gamble on an underdog for a good odds: the so-called “value”. The value of a bet is determined when the player weighs the odds of the underdog winning in his own performance and compares them with the odds laid down in the odds by the bookmaker. With such a mismatch of estimates, you need to bet on an underdog. If a player understands football, at a long distance of such bids, there will be a good profit.

A good option to win

Such bids on underdogs and front-runners could be very profitable, the main thing is to understand the specifics of American football,its features and key peculiarities, as well as a balanced approach to the decision you are going to make while deciding which bet to place.