Concept of transfer betting in American football

Transmission betting in american football is based on long-term sports. Supposed descriptions and lines of play appear from bookmakers around summer or winter. This time is called the transfer window, because then new footballers are announced. Gambling organizations offer two types of bets regarding handovers: On the main team that will exchange players. For a certain player that is going to change the club. Due to the fact that these handover bids in american football are long-term, these disputes become disadvantageous for organizations, because the margin can be as high as 40%. In addition, the public and the media play an important role, which can fuel interest in a particular player, fanning gossip and intrigue around him.

7 factors affecting the possibility of transfer in football

There are 7 main factors that are taken into account when assessing the likelihood of a handover.
Love for the club. Some players are very hard to imagine in other teams.
Intrinsic motivation. For most athletes, it will be a good choice to move to a different team, where different and better opportunities open up.
The authoritative opinion of the coach. For many american footballers, the decision to handover is influenced by the title of coach of the other team. If this is a famous and titled coach, then the desire to move increases significantly.
The money side. It’s no secret that salary is an important part of a football player’s life. Famous teams often overpay for good american footballers, which is several times more than usual.
Interaction between clubs. Some teams buy out the rights to athletes as a matter of priority. It is common practice for a more significant club to announce their rights to a footballer during the high season.
Place of residence. Often, when changing a team, the country of residence plays a role. Latinos prefer to change teams for Spanish or Portuguese, while Poles choose German clubs.
Agents. These are the people who are able to influence the leaders of the club or individual players. A reputable agent in the handover market is in great demand, then the sums of money come to the fore.

Example of a bet on a football transfer

For example, take the loud transition of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus. Initially, no one could have imagined the best player in the world at another club, but his speech after the Champions League final, prompted many rumors about his departure from Real Madrid. A variety of options began to appear in the media, and the bookmakers also decided not to miss such a moment and opened bids on the handover of Ronaldo to a particular club.

Where is the best place to bet on transfers?

Many bookmakers offer betting on handovers in American football. There are many specific and varied companies, but the most attractive for bids, in terms of odds and payments for this type of wages, are the official bookmakers also offer pleasant bonuses upon registration and after making the first deposit. Every user who wants to place a bet on a player must take into account all the risks. It is important to calculate the approximate probability of an athlete entering the selected club.

Wrong transfer strategy

Many users place their bets on a particular transmission based on news feeds in the media. This is a wrong tactic, because all the information that news portals provide must be meticulously checked, because some journalists are used to “blowing an elephant out of a fly.” All the most basic and high-profile handovers can be tracked on the transfermarkt website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter with quality information and forecasts.